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Bathroom Design & Planning

We provide a full bathroom design and planning service for customers in Crawley, Horsham and West Sussex. Whether you’re looking for a full bathroom fitting service or looking to get a mobility bathroom installed, we can help!

When having a new bathroom fitted or making any changes to your existing bathroom, it is important to get the right layout to maximise space and ensure the new layout reflects your needs. Whether you are looking for a wow factor or a calm and peaceful bathroom, you want to make sure your money is well spent. Our bathroom team are continuously keeping up with the latest bathroom trends, so whether you’re looking for something uber-modern or timelessly classic, our team will work with you to design and plan something you love.

At Facelift Home Improvements we can help you from start to finish with the planning, designing and supplying of your new bathroom and of course the installation. One of the most important steps when getting a new bathroom is planning it all out, to ensure your newly finished bathroom suits the needs of you and your family.

The Bathroom Planning Process

There are several steps and questions our bathroom designers normally go through and ask our customers when planning their new bathrooms:

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Step 1 - Planning – Who uses your bathroom?

Most bathrooms have to accommodate the family. You will want somewhere to have a quick shower, a tub to scrub the children in and maybe a toilet and wash basin all in the same room. Inevitably the room is too small.

Consider this… Can the room be made larger by perhaps moving an interior wall, reversing a door or maybe changing it for a bi-fold door to create more space. Maybe the soil waste plumbing can be moved to make way for a better layout. Maybe it can be moved to the exterior.

Do you use your bath? Generally people bathe a lot less than they used to. With service costs increasing, hot water prices rising and the need to save water becoming more evident every day, many households are removing their bath and installing walk-in shower enclosures.

Unable to access your bath safely? As we get older it is often difficult to get into a bath and almost impossible to get out. Why not consider a bath with low access or accessible bathroom? The bath can be changed quite easily without having to change the whole suite. We can offer a range of accessible bathroom options to suit your needs and requirements or those of your family.

Not enough storage space? There is a wide range of bathroom fitted furniture to be seen, adding both character and functionality to your bathroom space.
Bathroom too small? If you need more room why not consider making your existing separate rooms into bathroom and WC in one room? The dividing wall is usually non supporting and can easily be removed. A small confined bathroom then becomes a spacious airy room where you can bathe and dress in ease and style.

Step 2 – The Image – A splash of inspiration

We will help you find the ideal style to create the atmosphere you want in your bathroom. Maybe consider changing the lighting to suit the mood. If you use make up in the bathroom you will need good lighting near the mirror. Zone 2 recess lights add a very nice touch. Tiling will play a big part in creating the right look. We can put you in touch with our suppliers direct to make sure you get the best advice and price when choosing tiles. We will work out measurements for you too.

An alternative to wall tiles are Wet Wall Panels. Mermaid have a beautiful range of waterproof panels that will give a stylish, practical and long lasting finish. Easy to clean with a damp cloth or squeegee they will look amazing for a very long time.

Heated towel rails add a touch of luxury and warmth to a cold room. Choosing the right flooring is equally as important. A good quality vinyl will provide a soft warm feel. Available in an extensive range of colours and styles it’s a good choice. Underfloor heating is very popular whether using ceramic tiles or waterproof laminate.

Bathroom fitted in Horsham West Sussex
Bathroom design and planning in Horsham West Sussex

Step 3 – Measuring up

  • We will design your bathroom for you free of charge
  • We will include carefully selected items to suit your taste and budget
  • We will calculate the amount of wall and floor tiles you need
  • We will include the cost of any electrical work you have asked for
  • We will include any decorating you have asked for, all raw materials to do the job and removal of all rubbish
  • There will not be any surprises or additional costs

Don’t forget the flooring!

We can supply and fit a large range of laminate flooring from Howden’s excellent range. You may like to consider waterproof flooring such as Aquastep. Available in many styles and colours, this product has a 20 year warranty (in residential sites) and is 100% waterproof. Ask for more information and samples.

Other floor covering options are ceramic tiling and vinyl. We will help you choose what is best for your bathroom users and provide a fitting service second to no other.

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