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Kitchen Special Features

We offer a range of special features and many space saving solutions to make your kitchen stand out and make the most of the space you have. Take a look at some of the special options available to customise your kitchen and make the most of your available space.

Choose from pull out larders and base units, plinth drawers and deep pan drawers, full extension corners and extra tall wall units, wine racks and trays. Worktop scales add a touch of luxury for the budding cook.

Internal storage boxes will turn your cabinet space into individual storage solutions to suit your needs. Consider glass shelving and make a feature of your special items. We can custom make glass shelving if the ‘off the shelf’ range does not fit.

Include some lighting to really add some sparkle. Get the atmosphere just right with LED and fluorescent spot and strip lights. Choose from under cabinet, plinth and clip on shelf lights, pyramid, flush and recessed styles.

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Space Saving Solutions


The right storage options maximise the available space and layout of your kitchen, and make it functional and easy to use. There are many different options to choose from including:

Tower Storage

  • Pull out larders

  • Pull and swing larders

Base Storage

  • Pull out base storage
  • Wicker baskets
  • Chrome vegetable baskets
  • Internal drawers with deep options available

Wall Storage

  • Pull down shelves

  • Glass shelves

Corner Storage

  • Full standard
  • Half carousel

Drawer Storage

  • Plinth drawers
  • Under sink storage
  • Pan drawer dividers
  • Range of cutlery trays


Waste storage provides a convenient place to store rubbish and recycling and can be free-standing or concealed inside cabinets. With a selection of bins to separate and conceal, it could not be easier to manage. The range consists of bins that pull out, sit in worktops and integral segregated designs. Another practical solution is to install a Waste Disposal Unit. Food waste is ground to tiny particles that are automatically flushed away.

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Under Cabinet LED Lighting
Wine Racks installed as part of kitchen installation in Horsham, West Sussex
Wine Racks
200 Basket Pullout
200 Basket Pullout
Full Height Larder Pullout installed in Kitchen in Horsham
Full Height Larder Pullout
Aventos Up and Over Cupboard open installed as part of kitchen installation in Horsham, West Sussex
Aventos Up and Over
Special feature cupboard as part of kitchen installation in Horsham
Le Mans
Glass Splashback installed in Kitchen in Horsham
Glass Splashback
Plinth Lights installed in kitchen in Horsham, West Sussex
Plinth Lights
Bridging Unit installed as part of kitchen installation in Horsham, West Sussex
Bridging Unit
Deep Pan Drawers as part of kitchen installation in Horsham, West Sussex
Deep Pan Drawers

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