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Rooflights and Roof Windows

Allow additional light into your property with one of our stylish rooflight products.

We can install a wide range of different styles of rooflights, including:

  • Domelights

    Domelights, also referred to as domed rooflights, are similar to general rooflights although, as their name suggests, they are dome-shaped instead of flat. Despite being dome-shaped they are often fitted onto flat roofs.

  • Velux Roof Windows

    Velux windows are an extremely popular choice in loft rooms, and are windows that are specially designed and fitted to form part of your roof, allowing a window to be fitted in an awkward shaped room such as a loft room, without restructuring the walls and/or ruining the rooms character or design.

  • Rooflights

    The term rooflight refers to a window that is usually built into a roof and they are a popular choice for flat roofs or where windows are required to let in more light. Rooflights can add a new dimension to an otherwise dark room.

  • Skylights

    A skylight is window that is integrated with a roof and is another way of allowing natural light to flood a room. Skylights can come in many different shapes, sizes and can be flat, round or sloped.

Any of these roof windows can be installed into a new or existing roof.


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