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  • Maximum Light

    Large roof vents are available to let in maximum light.

  • Choice of Colours

    There is a choice of tile and slate colours and a full range of colour matching fascias, soffits and gutters.

  • Lightweight Structural Frame

    An aluminium fully structural frame with integrated insulation provides a complete roof solution.

  • Incredible U-Value

    SupaLite gives a u-value of 0.18 that meets total building regulations.

  • Tested and Guaranteed

    • All tiles have been tried and tested by the British Research Establishment, giving you total peace of mind in the most extreme weather conditions.
    • The roof tiles come with a 20 year guarantee with a life expectancy of 50+ years.

Supalite Facelift

Supalite Tiled Roof System

Facelift is an Approved installer of the state of the art SupaLite tiled roof system which converts a conservatory into an all year round sun-porch with amazing insulating properties.  Each SupaLite roof is individually surveyed and precision built to order.


Suitable for New or Existing Conservatories

This high quality, fully insulated lightweight roofing system is suitable for installation on our new conservatories as an alternative to a glass or polycarbonate roof as well as for replacing old conservatory roofs.

There is a wide choice of roof styles, tile colours and designs, and internal finishes to choose from. One of the most popular finishing options to complement the SupaLite roof system are our Roof Vents. These well-designed centre pivot vents allow the sash to be opened in a range of positions, thus increasing the amount of fresh air which can be drawn into the room. The sash can also be rotated through 180° and locked, allowing easy and safe cleaning of the outer pane to be carried out. The roof vents have a much greater surface area when compared with similar-sized windows made by other manufacturers. As a result, they maximise the amount of natural light in a room.

With the choice of internal finishing methods, you can choose to specify a vaulted ceiling or a lowered flat ceiling with integral lighting.

Reduce Energy Costs

For existing conservatories, replacing an old conservatory roof with  a SupaLite roof will immediately reduce your property’s carbon footprint and reduce your energy costs.


Replacement tiled roofs on a conservatory effectively transform a conservatory into a new extension of your home.  This means that a tiled roof does require a building regulations certificate. SupaLite operate a building regulations certification scheme in partnership with JHAI, a private company specialising in this industry. Facelift will liaise with SupaLite and JHAI to ensure that building regulations are met and you will receive a building  regulations certificate on completion of your project.


Peace of Mind

Facelift is a FENSA registered company. Our work is protected by a 10 year insurance backed guarantee, provided by the QANW and underwritten by Guarantee Protection Insurance Ltd, a UK based insurer with over 10 years of experience in the building & home improvement industry.

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