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Kitchen Design & Planning

As part of our kitchen installation services, we provide kitchen design services to customers in Crawley, Horsham and locally in West Sussex and Surrey. When updating your kitchen it’s important to consider how much space you will need and ensure you make the right layout choices so that your new kitchen matches your needs and storage space requirements, whilst beautifully complementing the rest of your home. We work with one of the leading kitchen suppliers and are able to offer all styles of kitchens, from modern and minimalist designs to cute, cottage-themed options.

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Stage 1: What goes on in your kitchen?

We all use our kitchen space in different ways. You will want your new kitchen to reflect your needs. It is an opportunity to change the layout, perhaps introduce some new lighting and make more of the space for creative cooking, eating or entertaining. Have you always wanted a sleek, minimalistic look or are you more country kitchen with a beautiful wooden table for family meals and gatherings? Whatever it is, discussion and planning are the key to success.

Stage 2: What space do you have?

You may be considering extending your kitchen space or simply replacing an existing kitchen. Either way it is important to measure and survey the area to ensure a specific plan can be drawn. Our designers will carry out a full survey to include position of utility services, electrics, tiling and flooring. We will create a CAD drawing not only best suited to the space available but also what you are looking for in your kitchen.

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Step 3: Get planning

There are four basic kitchen layouts: Linear, Gallery, U shape and L shape. Most are L or U shaped. Some may have a centre island. Correctly designed, each layout should produce a functional, organised working area incorporating some, if not all, of your favourite items. You may have to compromise on some things, but with good planning, you won’t be disappointed with the finished results.

All you need to do now is choose your style.

Choose Your Kitchen Style

We work with leading kitchens supplier, Howdens, which has a varied range of kitchen styles and colours. Their range of kitchens includes contemporary styles, county and traditional units as well as a luxurious selection of wood finishes including solid oak.

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Pastel green kitchen installed in Crawley, West Sussex

Cabinets – Designed and engineered to provide more storage and functionality

  • Cabinets come with a 25 year guarantee
  • Interiors are available in the choice of three different colours – white, natural oak and light grey
  • Cabinets are available in extra tall or extra deep options, and have heavy duty legs
  • There are over 600 options across the range of different styles and finishes for door fronts.

Kitchen Ranges

Linear Style:

The Linear style can be created with any of the Howdens ranges. The linear style creates a continuous flow of edges with an uncluttered feel – everything accessible but hidden away.

Contemporary Style:

The contemporary style creates a modern and elegant feel in a fully functional kitchen. Available in matt or gloss options, kitchens available in this style include: Balham and Clerkenwell.

Shaker Style:

The shaker kitchen is simple and unpretentious – the main stay of modern kitchens.  A shaker style kitchen can be truly traditional or have a modern twist. Kitchens available in this style include: Chelford, Burford, Tewksbury, Fairford and Allendale.

Universal Style:

A slab door design that works in almost any kitchen. Vivid and eye catching, calm and serene, kitchens available in this style include: Glendevon, Lewes and Glenwich.

Trusted Kitchens Supplier

Howdens supply only to the trades and our relationship with their local branch is one of trust and experience. They know as professional installers we expect the quality and standard of product to be high. We want to buy local and get want we want when we want it. We want the installation to run smoothly and our customers to be delighted. Everything from design to installation must be just right.

We Can Also Cover The Kitchen Flooring!

When it comes to kitchen design and planning, it is easy to forget one of the most important aspects, the flooring! We offer all types of kitchen flooring to match your new kitchen, with various materials available to match your requirements as well as your kitchen style. Our kitchen floor options include laminate wood style boards as well as ceramic tiling and vinyl flooring, all of which come in a full selection of styles. We also offer waterproof options including Aquastep, which is 100% waterproof and comes with a 20-year guarantee if installed in a residential property.

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