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Inclusive & Accessible Kitchens

At different stages of your life, your requirements for how you use your kitchen might change. You may have to adapt the way you approach certain aspects of food preparation, cooking and entertaining. If so, Howdens has plenty of functional ideas and stylish ranges to help.

We can design Inclusive kitchens specifically for disabled people or those with limited mobility. Howdens have worked closely with the UK’s leading charity for disabled people, Leonard Cheshire Disability, for over 12 years, to develop a range of Inclusive kitchens and accessories.

These products have a great variety of clever features and adaptations, and for safety and convenience include easy to reach ovens, remote control extractors, pull-out accessories, and height-adjustable worktops and cabinets.

When designing our Inclusive kitchens, we consider carefully the different needs of all kinds of people – to create kitchens that are user-friendly, practical and safe. A kitchen should be stylish and functional ensuring that it is convenient to get around whilst completing everyday tasks.

All of the Howdens kitchen ranges are available as accessible and inclusive kitchens. So, as well as making your life easier, we offer a wide choice of styles ensuring choice and affordability.

Inclusive Kitchens

A kitchen can be designed so that anyone can use it, independently, offering a mix of clever features that are ideal for mixed abilities. The range of products and accessories ensures that any kitchen is a usable, functional space, allowing access for those with limited mobility or reach.

Brand New Accessible Kitchen Installation in Cralwey with white units and pastel blue walls

Accessible, adapted, functional kitchens

  • Contrasting worktop that is easier to identify.
  • Contrasting handles that are easier to identify
  • Motorised rise and fall worktop system –at the touch of a button, the user can instantly adjust the height of the hob, sink and worktop by 300mm
  • Wall units can be positioned at a lower height to prevent overreaching
  • Full extension on corner storage drawers
  • Turning circle for wheelchair users
  • Tower storage for easy access
  • Wall hung cabinets to allow the user to get closer to the work surface
  • Adjustable cabinet legs to allow for the cabinets to be adjusted
  • Breaking casters can be used to create a moveable unit
  • Pull out worktop runners can provide extra worktop space
  • Pull down shelves.
  • Lever handle taps

Make Your Kitchen More Accessible

Whether you are looking to incorporate a few additional features to assist with limited mobility or need a fully accessible kitchen, your choice of kitchen can be adapted to suit your needs, whilst looking both modern and stylish!

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